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1962 – Purchasing a record in the bike shop ;-)

May 31, 2013

No photos today!

Time for some “Good-old-music” 🙂 – by a singer named Tony Sheridan with his (later very famous!) backing group…………….

The year was  1962,  I was 8 years old…….. and this music was a great new and fantastic experience for me…..

The Saints – is a nice song….. – but this is the best version I ever had – and have! –  listened to of this song! Even today, I absolutely love the amazing rhythm and the way the song builds up from a slow pace and culminates at the end!

This music represented  a giant step into the wonderful world of music for me – and I bought my first vinyl record, a “single” record with Tony Sheridan and The Beatles – from their time in Hamburg. The Beatles were at this time a completely unknown band, that played in small seedy clubs.

Selling  records was such a new thing, that music stores did not exist in the town (Ribe), where I lived as a boy. Therefore, the first records like this were sold – from bike shop in town!!!

In this way I became involved in the first steps of a musical revolution. To my parents utter dismay!

On the opposite side of the single was “My Bonnie”: Listen to the last two minutes of the video – for full power! And enjoy again how Tony Sheridan and his backing group: The Beatles!

I love the way they pepped up this traditional song! AND: Enjoy the scream – later known here as “The Beatles-scream”!:


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  1. June 2, 2013 7:43 pm

    Herlig, Truels. Jeg har alt av Beatles på vinyl, men ikke noe av TS og Beatles!
    Hadde eldre søstre som kjøpte til meg slik at ikke alle lommepengene gikk bort…
    Jeg var 9 i 1962!


    • June 11, 2013 8:34 pm

      Flot at du har alt (næsten!) med Beatlerne på vinyl! Jeg har ikke så mange, men har stadig denne – i fin stand. Gad vide, om den er mange penge værd?!
      Jeg var jo næsten jævnaldrende med dig i ’62 – 8 år 😉


  2. June 7, 2013 12:58 am

    I remember how each new record the Beatles put out was a learning experience. An adventure. I was 14 in 1964 so I was a big “Beatlemaniac”.


    • June 11, 2013 8:36 pm

      Seems like we had the same experiences with The Beatles back then!



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